If the music that I write pleases me even after a certain time has passed, and if beyond that has something to say to a few people whose judgment I value, then I am thoroughly satisfied.

Kurt Hessenberg


More than seven years have passed since this site has gone online—in German. Years, in which it has been viewed by many people from many countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Korea, Spain, Japan, Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Norway, Ireland, Turkey and South Africa.

High time for a translation.

This site contains a wealth of information on Kurt Hessenberg and his work. It is meant to be used.
And we hope this translation will be conducive to this purpose.

Kurt Hessenberg, 1970s

At present we cannot offer English translations of all the pages of this website. But we hope that providing at least some information in English will help to smoothen your access to Kurt Hessenberg’s work.

Roland Bluhm

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